The River
Part of the Series: Our Daily Bread

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The Plow That Broke the Plains
Part of the Series: Our Daily Bread
THE PLOW THAT BROKE THE PLAINS is a short documentary which shows what happened to the Great Plains region of the United States and Canada when uncontrolled agricultural farming led to the Dust Bowl. It was written and directed by Pare Lorentz. Lorentz worked on the film with composer Virgil…
Our Daily Bread - & Other Films of the Great Depression Collection
This collection contains film portraits of the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt's 1933 inauguration marked a rebirth of hope among Americans and began an unprecedented era of government activity and social experiment. The non-fiction films included in this collection mirror the 1930s new social consciousness that was helping to pull America…
Power and the Land
Part of the Series: Our Daily Bread
In the framework of the New Deal politics Joris Ivens was commissioned to film the benefits of rural electrification. The film shows the situation before and after the Rural Electrification Administration brought electricity to the farm of the Parkinson family. Although the commentary is a bit over the top, this…
California Election News #1 and 2
Part of the Series: Our Daily Bread
California Election News #1a nd 2 are infamous pieces of political propaganda that employed actors to act as regular people. They were used against Upton Sinclair in the 1934 California Governor's election. This historic documentary illustrates the challenges and hardships of the Great Depression through an excellent collection of period…
The New Frontier
Part of the Series: Our Daily Bread
H.P. McClure's The New Frontier offers a forthright, enlightening glimpse into an experimental "Rural Community" sponsored by the Federal Relief Administration (not unlike the socialist commune of King Vidor's Our Daily Bread).
Queen of the Sun - What are the Bees Telling Us?
From Taggart Siegel, director of the award-winning documentary The Real Dirst on Farmer John, comes a profound, alternative look at the global bee crisis. Queen of the Sun takes us on a journey through the catastrophic disappearance of bees and the mysterious world of the beehive. This engaging and ultimately…
Chulas Fronteras
A complex, insightful look at the Chicano experience as mirrored in the lives and music of the most acclaimed Norteno musicians of the Texas-Mexican border, including Flaco Jimenez and Lydia Mendoza. Selected for The Library Of Congress, National Film Registry of motion pictures, (to be preserved in perpetuity.) (In color).
Our Daily Bread
Part of the Series: Our Daily Bread
Franklin Roosevelt's 1933 inauguration marked a rebirth of hope among Americans and began an unprecedented era of government activity and social experiment. Includes a Prologue presented by David Shepard, with introduction by filmmaker King Vidor. Feature starts at 00:04:00. Cast: Charles Farrell [Lem Tustine], Mary Duncan [Kate], David Torrence [J.L.…
River of Renewal
River of Renewal chronicles the long conflict over the 10 million acre Klamath River Basin, which spans the Oregon-California border. Competing demands for water, food, and energy have pitted farmers, American Indians, and commercial fishermen against each other for decades. Remarkably, this conflict over resources has led to a consensus…
Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers
In this love letter to "the stinking rose," documentarian Les Blank interviews garlic fanatics of all stripes, from cooks to members of garlic appreciation societies. The film, (a lip-smacking foray into the history, consumption, cultivation and culinary/curative powers of the stinking rose) features internationally renowned chef Alice Waters of Chez…
These Amazing Shadows - The Movies That Make America
An Official Selection at the Sundance Film Festival, THESE AMAZING SHADOWS tells the history and importance of the Registry, a roll call of American cinema treasures that reflects the diversity of film, and indeed the American experience itself. What do the films Casablanca, Blazing Saddles and West Side Story have…
Along the Sepik
Set on the Upper Sepik River in New Guinea, this film records the day-to-day experiences of Kiap Barry Downes as he patrols an area that in 1963 when this film was made had only recently been brought under control from headhunters. As well as being a record of the role…