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Stuttgart, 1983

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Award winning Satyagraha Truth Force is a feature documentary that tells the story of a group of humble Indian saints who believe the sanctity of the holy Ganges River is being destroyed by corruption and a powerful mining lobby. They have been threatened, beaten, jailed and bribed. Two have died.…
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"The Sensual Nature of Sound" portrays these New York based composer/performers in terms of their musical lives. Although all four women are pioneers in American music, each composer pursues a distinct direction of her own. Since the early 1980s, Laurie Anderson has used music and performance as the foundation for…
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Set against the backdrop of the magical White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Sacred Stage features the best in Russian symphonic music, ballet and opera at Russia's premier theater--the Mariinsky, also known as the Kirov. Sacred Stage explores what the theater has meant to Russian and Soviet culture and how…