Secrets of History: Portraits - Juan Carlos

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Visitor's Day - A Runaway Teen Transcends His Past
Sixteen year old Juan Carlos ran away from an abusive home and lived on the streets of Mexico City for years before finding his way to IPODERAC, a unique group home and social enterprise located in Puebla, Mexico. IPODERAC is defined by a strong sense of brotherhood and sustained by…
Juan Carlos - From Francoism to Democracy in Spain
Juan Carlos de Bourbon, for decades one of the most popular and powerful monarchs of Europe, reflects on his life in this documentary. Born to a royal family in exile, following the proclamation of the second Spanish Republic, his childhood was shrouded in uncertainty. He was educated under the benevolent…
The Country of Fear - El país del miedoa
Carlos, Sara, and their preteen son Pablo, live a peaceful middle-class life until Sara begins to notice things disappearing in the house. She blames the Moroccan maid and eventually fires her. But the stealing doesn't stop; Pablo is the culprit. Fearful, Carlos decides to follow Pablo to school where he…
1787—The American Experiment
Learn how America's founders established a model of a republic through debate, compromise, separation of powers, and a flexible Constitution.
Eyes on the Prize - America's Civil Rights Movement 1954-1985
Produced by Blackside, EYES ON THE PRIZE tells the definitive story of the civil rights era from the point of view of the ordinary men and women whose extraordinary actions launched a movement that changed the fabric of American life, and embodied a struggle whose reverberations continue to be felt…
Open Cage - Los Banistas
Open Cage takes a subtle and ultimately hopeful look into one of society's mayor issues: the abandonment to its youth and senior populations. Among those affected when the economy collapses are rebel teenager Flavia and her elderly and grumpy neighbor Martin. Outside the building there is a camp of protesters…
Minimal To The Max
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2004
A look at several minimalist designs executed with extraordinary results. #1. John Patkau's award-winning Barnes residence in Nanaimo, British Columbia. #2. Spanish Architect Carlos Ferrater's modern minimalist gem in Madrid. #3. Architect Ignacio Vicens award-winning minimalist geometric design in Madrid. #4. Barton Myers' incredible Wolf residence in Toronto's Rosedale district.
Emerging Political Models
Take a look at the politics of France after Napoleon. The nation had changed too much over the preceding 25 years to simply return to a stable monarchy. See the emergence of competing political models of conservatism, liberalism, and Bonapartism during the Bourbon Restoration of King Louis XVIII.
1521 Tenochtitlán—Aztecs vs. Conquistadors
The 16th-century Spanish conquest of the Americas resulted in some of the most unusual military encounters of all time. Here, learn about the campaign under Hernan Cortes to conquer Mexico, and how fewer than 1,000 Spaniards defeated the mighty Aztec Empire, which possessed armies comprising tens of thousands of warriors.
We The People: From Crispus Attucks To Barack Obama
From Crispus Attucks to Barack Obama. Take a close look at the progression of America as she frees herself from Britain, slavery culminating in the election of the first African American President. Features commentary from Spike Lee, Al Sharpton, Gayle King, Wyclef Jean and more.
Born Champions
Part of the Series: Finding Your Roots
Three of America's greatest athletes, whose determination and love of sports were deeply shaped by their families, were all cut off from their true origins. Billie Jean King learns the story of her grandmother, who had always kept her orphan status a secret. Derek Jeter confronts his ancestors' lives as…
The Poetic Nationalist
Episode 5 of ¡Guitarra!
FIFTH MOVEMENT- Granados and the Poetic Nationalist (Rhapsody) Felipe Pedrell segment-Spanish folk song musicologist. Granados: Danzas Espanolas, Op. 37 - Andaluza Granados: Cuentos De La Juventud, Op. 1 - Dedicatoria Granados: Coleccion De Tonadillas - La Maja De Goya Granados: Valses Poeticos Granados: Danzas Espanolas for Piano, Op. 37 -…