Secrets of the Viking Sword
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York—Vikings and Merchants
Taste medieval life in York's "ginnels," narrow passageways offering shortcuts through the town, and in the Barley Hall mansion and Merchant Adventurers' Hall, with their views into the lives of wealthy citizens. Delve into the Viking and Norman history of York, and the latter era's dark side in its treatment…
Alfred the Great
Explore the career of Alfred the Great, who led the heroic resistance that kept Wessex free from Viking control. Separate fact from legend in the life of the man who would create the Wessex dynasty that would eventually become the first ruling house of a united England.
The Skin of our Teeth
Part of the Series: Civilisation
Traveling from Byzantine Ravenna to the Celtic Hebrides, from the Norway of the Vikings to Charlemagne's chapel at Aachen, Lord Clark illuminates theDark Ages, the six centuries following the collapse of the Roman Empire(AD400toAD1000).
Formative Migrations: Mongols to Germans
Examine the many waves of people who settled Eastern Europe during the ancient and medieval worlds. Ethnic groups including Germanic tribes, Slavic peoples, the Vikings, the Mongols, and many more created a diversity of language and culture. Meanwhile, the mix of Christians, Jews, and Muslims led to the region's first…
The Second Viking Conquest
The Golden Age ended as the Wessex dynasty was overturned by second wave of Viking invaders, with Denmark's King Cnut seizing the throne and marrying the Wessex queen. See how the well-organized Wessex state functioned until Edward the Confessor restored the "legitimate" dynasty in 1042.
The History of the United States - Pre-History through 1699
Part of the Series: A Nation Of Immigrants
This program takes us from the earliest settlements of North America through the arrivals of the Vikings, Europeans and Colonial America. Learn about European roots and how America was different before Europeans arrived and ask the question - "What was Christopher Columbus looking for?"
The Lady of the Mercians
In this second episode, Alfred's children continue the family plan to create a kingdom of all the English. The tale begins with a savage civil war in a bleak decade of snow and famine, culminating in an epic victory over the Vikings near Wolverhampton in 910. Filmed in the Fens…
The Norman Conquest of England
The Norman Conquest was not just a political or military achievement: it altered the language, the landscape and the building styles of England. Who were the Normans? They were really French-speaking Vikings, who controlled large parts of Italy, Sicily and Antioch in Syria as well as conquering England and parts…
Inside the Pergamon and Neues Museums, Berlin
Part of the Series: Museum Secrets Series 2
On the famed "Museum Island" in the river that winds through Berlin are the Pergamon and Neues Museums which display some of the most spectacular objects from the ancient world. In this episode, we pit two skilled warriors against each other to discover why some Viking swords are more deadly…
King Alfred and the Anglosaxons - The Shaping of England
Who were the greatest Britons? When did England come into existence, and who made it? How did English ideas on law, freedom and parliament develop?And what about England's key gift to the world, the legacy of its language and literature? In these three fascinating films, Michael Wood tells the story…
Aethelstan: The First King of England
In this third episode, Alfred's grandson Aethelstan fulfils the family plan and creates a kingdom of all England. Travelling from Devon to Cumbria, Scotland and Rome, Michael Wood tells the tale of Aethelstan's wars, his learning and his lawmaking, showing how he created a national coinage and tracing the origin…
Rothenburg—Jewel on the Romantic Road
In this beautifully preserved German medieval city, explore the imposing mansions of the city's former elite, the grand fountains, and the market square with its remarkable gothic Town Hall. Also visit St. Jakob's Church, a treasury of medieval and early Renaissance art, and walk the powerful bastions of the city…