Sensitive - The Untold Story
A Film About the Innate Trait of High Sensitivity

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Why would you put all these unnecessarily annoying sound effects in a movie about highly sensitive people? I can't even get through it.

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Wow. I didn't know there was a name for how I am. Knowing this will change my life.

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Very good. One critique -Very Euro/White-centric. I would like to see the experiences of HS people of color explored more, as the cultural contours of their daily life lend variation to the way they experience the trait.

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Dear Catrice,
Thank you for your comment. This is being addressed in the sequel - Sensitive And In Love!

Anna avatar

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart....finally, there's an answer. Life changing!!!

Dylan avatar

We all know "highly sensitive" people, and now there is an emerging theory that clearly defines those with this psychological syndrome. This doc helped me understand where I may fall on the spectrum of this trait, and to recognize others in my life that seem to be highly sensitive. The film ...Read more

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I would like to thank the filmmakers and the community of researchers who made this film as well as the huge number of people who backed it on Kickstarter.

Two months ago I had never come across the concept of HSPs and by chance had Elaine Aron's book pop up as a recommendation on ...Read more

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Dear Sam,
Thank you for your detailed comment and kind words. Really appreciate it and so happy you enjoyed the film. The idea of the film was to educate general public about the trait of high sensitivity and also help those with the trait, who perhaps didn't have a word for it, ...Read more

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When we conducted interviews for Sensitive-The Untold Story, all highly sensitive adults said that their parents didn’t understand them when they were growing up. Many sensitive people live their lives misunderstood, struggling with self-esteem issues and sometimes anxiety and depression. ...Read more

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A really interesting documentary. I don't personally identify as HSP but there are people in my life that do and this helped me to better understand their experiences. I think it would be great for employers and society as a whole to respect and understand Highly Sensitive people so that we ...Read more

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