The Sewer King

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Water and the Dream of the Engineers
From the cholera epidemics of the nineteenth century to the climbing cancer rate of our time; from the colossal scale of New York City's aqueduct and water tunnels to the water wars of the West; from the dangers of chemical contamination to the water politics of Polanski's film Chinatown, Water…
The Great Ship
Seven Wonders of the Industrial World - The Great Ship - Episode 1 In the early 1850s, the world's most brilliant engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, dreamed of creating the largest ship ever built.The Titanic of its day at nearly 700 feet, it would be able to sail without stopping to…
Water Treatment and Distribution
Episode 8 of Everyday Engineering
Learn how raw water from nature is treated to make it safe for drinking. Then trace the distribution system that supplies water under pressure to users. Professor Ressler demonstrates two crucial technologies in this system: the flocculation chamber and the water tower.
The Building Envelope
Episode 5 of Everyday Engineering
Now that your house is framed, it needs a building envelope that can shed rainwater and melting snow, and also keep precipitation from entering through the foundation. Learn about the five integrated layers of protection: shingles and cladding, drainage plane, insulation, vapor barrier, and drywall.
Go with the Flow—Urban Water Distribution
Trace the flow of water through a major city such as Rome--from the aqueduct to water towers, public fountains, buildings and private residences, and ultimately to sewers. Among the questions you consider: Did the widespread use of lead pipes create a lead poisoning hazard?
Dam, Reservoir, and Aqueduct Design
Episode 7 of Everyday Engineering
Now consider the water that you want in your house--for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Examine the technologies that collect water from a watershed and transport it to a municipality. Explore different designs for dams, and marvel at the Catskill Aqueduct that carries fresh water to New York City.
Sand Casting
The opening sequence of Sand Casting is filmed at Taylors in Loughborough, where the process of casting a church bell is followed from the lengthy construction of the moulds, to the release of the finished cast. The second part of the programme highlights the precision of sand casting in the…
The process of casting a ceramic teapot is followed from the mixing and sifting of the liquid clay, to setting it in a mould. This method is contrasted in the second part of the programme where the process of making industrial components ensures strength and durability from the product. This…
Wastewater Disposal and Treatment
Episode 9 of Everyday Engineering
What happens to the 150 gallons of water that the average person uses and then sends down the drain each day? Delve into wastewater disposal and treatment. Among the details you investigate are the S-shaped trap in a waste pipe and that most ingenious of plumbing fixtures: the toilet.
User-Centered Design
Episode 25 of Everyday Engineering
Using the faucet as an example, study the bewildering number of ways that hot and cold water can be delivered into a sink, reflecting the challenges of designing everyday things. Along the way, consider the principles that go into a successful design: affordances, signifiers, mapping, constraints, and feedback.
Drop Forging
A blacksmith forges a hammerhead using traditional methods. Increasing in scale at Sandygate forge, a ring is made from a billet of steel, although the principles are similar, industrial tools are needed to punch a hole. Fire welding is also demonstrated in making an iron bolt. The program concludes by…
The Bell Rock Lighthouse
Seven Wonders of the Industrial World - The Bell Rock Lighthouse - Episode 3 The deadly Bell Rock Reef had terrorised seamen for centuries. Eleven miles out to sea off the coast of Scotland, this vast, treacherous rock lurked deceptively just a few feet below the surface of the water…