The Show of Shows
Freak Shows, Cabarets and Circus Performers

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If you like great music (Sigur Ros!) and rare, stunning images, this is a film for you. It's hard to define, really a visual essay about a bygone era when entertainment wasn't virtual and safe, but visceral and weird. With circuses around the world closing, this film provides the opportunity ...Read more

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Amazing Scenes
Spike Milligan takes a look at the Australian fringe theatre scene and finds a colourful, somewhat offbeat array of talent, including David Argue, Cappriccios, Circus Oz, Clowneroonies (featuring Geoffrey Rush), Kirribilli Pub Theatre, Reg Livermore, Lobotomy Brothers, Los Trios Ringbarkus, Alan Pentland, Rod Quantock, Sideshow, St Martin's Youth Art Centre…
The Ringling Brothers: Kings of the Circus
Their story is as amazing as the circus itself -- how five poor boys from Baraboo, Wisconsin became "kings of the circus... when the circus was king." This virtual trip to the circus with today's Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey -- the Greatest Show on Earth -- takes a…
Koko Pops
A little female character called Koko represents the muse of music and dances and clowns her way through a breathless, animated short-history of western music from the beginning of time to punk. It's an ideal introduction to a range of musical styles including pan flutes, baroque, romantic, circus music, jazz,…
Hospitals Don't Burn Down
A disturbingly realistic film about a fire in a high-rise hospital. This program pulls no punches and has never dated. The issues remain the same. Designed to blast through the complacency of "it can't happen here" attitude, the docu-drama vividly portrays a series of credible events that could easily happen…
Timoteo`s Fabulous Ragged Circus (El gran circo pobre de Timoteo) - A Drag Circus in Chile
The comedian Timoteo is the leader of a circus featuring Cross-Dressing performers that has toured through Chile for forty years. His advanced age and health lead to concerns for the future of the show. Timoteo considers the possibility of retiring while still wishing to protect his circus.
Bill Fontana & Tim Coldwell (Circus Oz)
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Bill Fontana Born in the USA in 1947, Bill Fontana is an American composer and artist who developed an international reputation for his pioneering experiments in sound. Since the early 70s, Fontana has used sound as a sculptural medium to interact with and transform our perceptions of visual and architectural…
I'm Still Here - Caring for People with Dementia
This is an educational program specifically produced to assist nursing care staff in understanding and caring for people with dementia. Supported by comprehensive notes the program analyses the changes that occur within the body and helps to explain how to communicate with people with altered behaviour. Dementia is an illness…
Whatever Happened to Green Valley?
Green Valley was a housing commission estate in western Sydney, much maligned by the media of the day. The residents were hurt by the criticism but lacked access to the media to respond. Supplied with equipment by Film Australia, they used this film to present a different image of themselves…
Episode 12 of Life in Australia Series
This film shows an idyllic picture of life in the New South Wales capital of Sydney in the mid 1960s.
Episode 11 of Life in Australia Series
This film shows an idyllic picture of life in the Victorian town of Geelong in the mid 1960s.
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This film shows an idyllic picture of life in the Tasmanian town of Launceston in the mid 1960s.