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The Fuþark—A Germanic Alphabet
Runes are often mistakenly thought to be a semimagical system of signs used for divination and ritual, but nothing could be further from the truth. Look at the real history of the Runic alphabet--also known as the Futhark --as a case study for why writing systems rise and fall.
Where Did Our Alphabet Come From?
Most alphabets in use today are derived from one script developed over 4,000 years ago. What accounts for the vast popularity of the Roman or Latin alphabet? This episode takes you back to ancient Egypt as you investigate the origin of our alphabet and the contributions made to it by…
What Do Egyptian Hieroglyphs Say?
Join Professor Zender as he reads hieroglyphs that Champollion's efforts helped to recover from oblivion, and see how you too can learn to decipher this blend of phonetic signs, logograms, and semantic signs. Also, consider the interaction of Egyptian writing and culture, including how the practice of damnatio memoriae was…
Yucatec Maya Deaf Sign
In 1976, Hubert Smith set out with a group of researchers to visually document Yucatec Maya society within the village of Chican. This project resulted in the 4-part series, The Living Maya. During filming, however, it was impossible to ignore the use of sign language in the village. Smith and…
The Five Pillars of Decipherment
First, get an introduction to the five preconditions or "pillars" necessary for decipherment to be possible, paying particular attention to the first pillar, known as script type. Then turn to the typology of the three main categories of signs found across the world--logograms, phonograms, and semantic signs--and consider how these…
Pregnancy in Progress: Beginnings of Life
For parents-to-be, the road from conception to birth is one filled with endless questions, changes, and decisions. In this program, viewers learn the early signs of pregnancy and the host of changes women will experience during their 9 month adventure. We explain common prenatal tests and what they can reveal…
Phonemic Awareness
Phonemic awareness is the knowledge of the small units of sounds in our language which are connected to the alphabet. According to the National Research Council, this awareness is a major predictor of reading success. Viewers of this program join a lively teacher training workshop and then witness emerging readers…
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 1
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
4 bush bachelors sign up for a dating initiative in the hope of finding the woman of their dreams. Over a weekend in Perth, the guys meet a bevy of beautiful British and Aussie women before finally pairing off.
A Diplomatic Incident
Episode 3 of Yes, Prime Minister
In order to polish his public image, Jim wants the French to sign the Channel Tunnel agreement. However, the situation becomes sticky when they want to impose all kinds of damaging conditions
Occupation 101: Voices of the Silenced Majority
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is widely viewed in the US as one of the most complicated geopolitical disputes in the world. But there are also signs that Americans are unfamiliar with one of the core flashpoints of the conflict: the exact nature of Israel's ongoing military occupation of Palestinian land. Occupation…
Stellar Rotation and Planetary Revolution
Trace Professor Winn's own search for the subtle signs that tell whether a star has a tilted axis. Discover why this is an important clue in the mystery of misplaced giant planets. Also hear how he chanced into the field of exoplanetary science.
Dream Deceivers
On December 23, 1985, Raymond Belknap and James Vance--two young men in Reno, Nevada--put shotguns to their heads after drinking and smoking marijuana as they listened to the rock group Judas Priest. Belknap shot himself fatally, while Vance was grossly disfigured. Their parents, claiming that subliminal messages in the heavy…