Snapshot: Eamon Mac Mahon

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Away From The City
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2004
Everyone needs an escape from the big city. See how designers incorporate the richness of country life into their designs. #1. Casa Mas Pares is a wonderful getaway built in the mountains of Spain. #2. A family retreat in the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec with architectural influences dating from the…
Her Aim is True - Rock Photographer Jini Dellaccio
Before Leibovitz, there was Jini... Her Aim Is True brings together musicians and rock photographers in an inspiring and unforgettable journey revealing unlikely rock 'n' roll photographer, Jini Dellaccio who visualized punk before it had a name and embodied indie before it was cool. In 1964, a middle-aged Dellaccio began…
Snapshot: Rob Macinnis
Rob is a Halifax-bred artist-photographer, who has turned his lens and talents to shooting barnyard animals. He explores the exploitation of fashion models' by re-creating the drama, angles and lighting, using the barn as his runway. His models range from goats and sheep to pigs and donkeys. The subjects' built-in…
French Flavour - Acadian To New Orleans
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2004
French inspired homes in New Orleans and Acadia. #1. Frank Masson takes us on a tour of Creole Cottage in the French Quarter of New Orleans. #2. Architect Ron Blitch's Acadian-inspired home outside New Orleans. #3. An Acadian homestead in Nova Scotia, transformed into architect Brian Mackay Lyons' getaway. #4.…
21st Century Contemporary
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2007
Today's contemporary architecture is distinctively cutting edge, modern and dares to challenge the traditional conventions of home.
  • Vancouver Architect Bruce Haden worked closely with his clients to create a contemporary home which displays their art and automobile collections.
  • Architect Paul de Ruiter combines form and function in a contemporary Dutch…
  • Contemporary-Urban
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 1998
    We examine the role of residential architecture in the cities of today. Contemporary architecture differs from modernism in its respect for the client's needs and response to site. An architect who designs an urban home has a responsibility to fit into an urban context as well. Each of these city…
    William Young
    Part of the Series: Freedom
    William Yong's impressive resume includes life as a pop star in Hong Kong and a residency at London's famous Contemporary Dance School. Yong's enthusiasm for dance is evident in his creations, where broad gestures and dance have familiar tones recalling classic Hollywood musicals. In his spare time, Yong practices the…
    Ocean Inspiration
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 1999
    Whether in art or architecture, nothing inspires like an ocean view. We look at three contemporary designs that take full advantage of their seaside location in Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Brazil.
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 1998
    A matter of personal expression, contemporary architecture revisits modernism and leaves the designer's distinctive stamp. We visit two country homes that are designed by some of Canada's leading firms as well as an international award winner. They make bold statements about the importance of space, light and one's relation to…
    Le Fils d'Adrien
    Part of the Series: Freedom
    Harold Rheaume is a classic study in juggling. He is not only a renowned dancer and choreographer for Le fils d'Adrien Danse, but he has taken on the role of dance activist by championing the Quebec City dance community. His dedication and commitment have assured him a place in the…
    Winter Designs
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 1999
    We explore the effects of winter and cold climates on home design. We look at how sub-zero winters have given rise to innovative architecture. We snuggle up to the fire in a contemporary Canadian chalet in Whistler, B.C., and a cozy winter retreat in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec.
    Arts & Crafts
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 1998
    We look at the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the imprint he left on residential architecture in North America. We consider why he is one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, and visit one of the many homes he designed in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois.…