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I expected more.Wasting time.

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- ac


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Oh...and I suppose Mr. Derrick Washington should probably receive an honorable mention. This actor played the library's circulation attendant who checked out the films female lead Peggy, played by Ashley Shelton. Mr. Washington did a modest portrayal of his character in this low budget ...Read more

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Loved it. I agree with Roger Ebert, simple, unforgettable beauty.

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Linda, did not see Ebert's review, what did he say about Bryant!?

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If you click on the summary of the movie, in the 3rd paragraph is a partial quote from which I drew my reply. The quote was credited to Roger Ebert. Perhaps you'll find the full review at

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Okay Linda, thank you. I still can't stop talking about Bryant!

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Some might say mediocre acting in an otherwise fleeting film but pay close attention to a bright young beacon, actor David Bryant. This actor being new to the independent film scene plays it up well in a heartfelt performance for Self Reliant Films. Bryant is the library's zany doorman/slash ...Read more

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BRAVO..BRAVO..BRAVO..When you shake things up the cream certainly floats to the top! Hope to see David Bryant on the red carpet real soon!!!

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A slow, mesmerizing film - I felt in a time warp watching this. I couldn't anticipate where Peggy would end up on her spiritual journey - back in the arms of her husband who offered all an ex-cheerleader could hope for.....or the more complicated route, but one that the viewer is convinced ...Read more

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Olivia, did you hear the buzz buzz that is going around about the new guy David Bryant!?

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