Southeast Amerindian Origin Stories

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Amerindian Tales from the Northwest
Life on the Northwest coast did not fit our image of typical Native American civilizations. Learn about how myths helped create these societies, villages, governing systems, and even an economic hierarchy that you don't see duplicated in many other regions, but remarkably mirrors some aspects of broader society today.
Tales and Rituals of the Iroquois League
Get an introduction to the "earth-diver" creation myths, and learn how many other peoples near the Iroquois and far away tell the same kind of story. You'll also consider myths that deal with the founding of various groups--different from what we normally think of as Native American myths, since they…
Full Circle
In the summer of 2001, under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, a totem pole in the Peabody Museum at Harvard University was returned to its original owners' ancestors, a Tlingit community in Southeast Alaska. The journey of the pole began a hundred years ago when it was…
Great Mythologies of the World Course 5 - The Americas
Epic battles between titanic gods. The creation, re-creation, and repair of the world. Perilous quests for lost treasures and the comfort of home. Magical items imbued with the power to protect - and destroy. Mythology has provided fascinating and thrilling stories that are central to our lives, even today. The…
Native American Tricksters
Go in-depth with the Trickster archetype. Although not exclusive to Northern American tales, the Trickster is the most popular character in Native American myths. There are likely more stories about him than about anyone else.
How To Trace Your Native American Heritage
"How To Trace Your Native American Heritage" is a valuable resource for anyone looking to discover or establish their Native American ancestry. The film provides both the basics for genealogical research and unique points for Native American research. The viewer will learn: How to contact your tribe; where to find…
The Great Native American Civilizations
Explore the variety of civilizations in North America before European contact. Learn about the ways of life, government, economy, religion and laws of the early Native Americans. Provides a relevant picture of how Native Americans lived. Learn the origins of the first Native American. Learn about the Incas, Mayas &…
Healing of Nations
A documentary on Cultural Revival in Native American Communities, the film focuses on youth empowerment and the value of traditional ceremonies and teachings and the impact these traditions are having on young Native People. Co-produced with native cultural educator George Amiotte, this production is presented and spoken in the words…
Tales of Wonder I & II
"Tales of Wonder I & II" is a series of Native American stories told by Gregg Howard, A Native American of Cherokee/Powatan descent, recently awarded Storyteller of the Year by Woodcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers. This production delights both young and old alike. There are a total of…
JFK - A New World Order: War Within & Without: Part 2
Part of the Series: JFK - A New World Order
The events in Southeast Asia that eventually led to America's war in Vietnam.
Nature in Native American Myth
Nature spirits take on a variety of forms in various cultures. Discover the maize myths and other stories about the origins of nature in the Americas. Learn how these stories demonstrate the way people answered questions about how the world came to be as it is.
Balance of Cultures
Today the Native Peoples of North America are living with two different Medical and Healing systems. This documentary looks at these different approaches. The Program is designed to improve understanding between non native health care workers and native people. This is an ideal cross cultural tool for hospitals, clinics, government…