The Southern Empire of Baroque

The Roland Collection
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Going Baroque - North versus South
Baroque style flowered in key regional variations. See the influence of the Counter-Reformation in southern Europe in dazzling religious images intended to excite and teach. Grasp the classical ethos of French Baroque and the Dutch diversity of subject matter and dramatic use of light and space in the North.
The Baroque of Extremes
This program deals with the manifestations of the Baroque style in Russia and Poland. It begins at the court of Frederick the Great in Potsdam, where Frederick entertained both Voltaire and Johann Sebastian Bach; it moves on to Poland, and then to Russia - both St Petersburg and Moscow are…
All the World on Stage
This program gives a stimulating introduction to the Baroque age, opening with an evocation of Louis XIV, the Sun King, ostentatiously dressed for a ballet at the palace of Versailles. We learn of the period's preoccupation with dance, opera, drama and all forms of pageantry. We see the florid sculpture…
Via Dolorosa (Stations of the Cross)
We normally associate the Baroque style with high art by sophisticated sculptors and painters, although it was often intended to impress a religious message on the common people as well as the intelligentsia. This film, however, focuses on what could be called 'folk baroque,' created by artisans - lifelike carvings…
Memoirs of a Movie Palace
In August 1977, the Brooklyn Kings, one of five "Wonder Theaters" in the New York area, closed its doors and became property of the City due to unpaid taxes. There are plans to renovate and restore it to Brooklyn's cultural life as a multi-purpose theater by 2014. When it opened…
Richard Meier
At mid-career, Meier guides the viewer on a retrospective of his white buildings, from private houses of the 1960s to the Frankfurt and Atlanta Museums of the 1980s--all variations on his trademark spatial and planar treatment. His influences from Corbusier, Wright, Mies, and Baroque Germany are shown. Clients and colleagues…
Berlin's Jewish Museum - A Personal Tour With Daniel Libeskind
This extraordinary haunting building, a zig-zag form reflecting an invisible matrix of addresses of Jewish Berliners who once lived in the area, is Daniel Libeskind's first commission. It took ten years to build, and it has become an integral part of the cityscape, attracting vast numbers of visitors and signaling…
Gothic Architecture in Today's World
Episode 24 of The Cathedral Series
With the spread of Renaissance ideas and styles, Gothic architecture eventually subsided, only to experience a vibrant revival in the 19th and 20th centuries. In this concluding episode, sample neo-Gothic churches in countries like Ecuador, China, South Africa, and the United States.
Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloody-mindedness - Concrete Poetry with Jonathan Meades
Every now and again, architecture goes through a phase of not caring whether it is liked. Employing shock tactics, it asks us to find beauty in what is commonly regarded to be ugly. In this series, writer and journalist Jonathan Meades explores the story of the Brutalist movement across Europe.…
The Cathedral of Siena
Part of the Series: The World's Greatest Churches
Discover how Siena's wondrous cathedral, in its construction and decoration, reflects the civic pride and history of the Sienese. Explore masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque art, from the elaborate, inscribed marble floor and Duccio altarpiece to sculpture by Michelangelo and Bernini, and the phenomenal carved pulpit by Nicola Pisano.
La Compañía and Las Lajas Sanctuary
Part of the Series: The World's Greatest Churches
In this first look at New World churches, visit the Spanish Baroque "La Compania" in Quito, Ecuador. Study the elaborately sculpted facade, the stunning golden interior, and the profusion of sumptuous artworks. Also encounter the remarkable Las Lajas, a neo-Gothic pilgrimage church built to enclose a cave painting of the…
The New Modernists - Folds, Blobs and Boxes - Architecture in the Digital Era
Since the Baroque era of the 17th century, architects have been trying to cast off the Cartesian grid and traditional notions of beauty and proportion in architecture. Folds, Blobs + Boxes introduces today's digitally educated designers who are continuing to redefine architectural pedagogy and practice, producing forms that can be…