A Spark of Nerve
Restoring Movement to Paralyzed Limbs

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A Spark of Nerve
Dr. Susan E. Mackinnon is a plastic surgeon whose pioneering work in nerve transfer surgery is restoring movement to limbs that many doctors believe to be permanently paralyzed. Loren was…
Restoring Hand Function to Quadriplegic Patients
A cervical level spinal cord injury can significantly affect hand function, including paralysis. Dr. Ida Fox of Washington University Medical School in St. Louis discusses how nerve transfer surgery is…
Facing a Serious Sports Injury
Sean was a high school senior when during the big football game he made a play that resulted in a severe injury. His torn knee was saved but a damaged…
Motorcycles and Music
A sudden motorcycle crash left Don with two injured arms. As a professional musician this was devastating. His options for recovery were quickly fading when he heard about nerve transfer…

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We are thrilled to announce that A SPARK OF NERVE won “Best Overall Documentary” at the Los Angeles World International Film Festival in October. It also screened at the Carmel International Film Festival and The Global Public Health Film Festival. Getting out the word that “There really is ...Read more

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We vividly remember the moment our phone rang and we got the chilling and incomprehensible news: our 15-year-old daughter, Loren, had been brutally stabbed in a neighborhood bakery. As parents of a girl who suddenly had a paralyzed arm as a result of a traumatic injury, we found ourselves at ...Read more

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