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Random Variables and Introduction to Probability Distributions
This program covers the important topic of Random Variables and Probability Distributions in Probability and Statistics. We begin by discussing what a random variable is and how it applies to probability distributions.
Electric Potential Of A Dipole & Continuous Charge Distributions
This program covers the important topic of the Electric Potential of a Dipole and Continuous Charge Distributions in Physics. We begin by discussing how the electric potential applies to dipoles and charge distributions and why it is important. The entire lesson is taught by working example problems beginning with the…
Inside A Factory 7: Brompton Bicycle
The Brompton is no ordinary bike. You ride it - you fold it up. Not so much a product - more a cult - and it's made in Britain! This is the story of how they make it - and why they're changing to a different approach to production. DESIGN:…
NAB, Docklands
Part of the Series: Sacred Spaces
February 2014 - Nik Karalis, Global Design Director of Woods Bagot. Simon Pole, Principal of Woods Bagot. Greg Noble, Product Manager of DORMA.Architecture as advertising.
Positioning Your Offering
Many products fail because marketers fail to communicate their true value. Here, Professor Hamilton takes you step-by-step through the positioning process, designed to create and communicate value. Case studies you'll learn from include Volvo in the 1980s, the emergence of DVRs, and a Washington, D.C. bike-sharing program.
Cycling Shorts - Short Documentaries About Bicycles
What is bicycle culture? It's what you make of it. Anything can happen: Activists educate the policymakers. Bureaucrats create whimsical public art. Strangers help each other move house by bike. Corporations turn their drive-thrus into bike thrus. Joe Biel's short movies explore all these phenomena and more as he follows…
Design & Decoration: Perrin, Bhomer & Zilverberg
PERRIN GALLERY Paris Founder Jacques Perrin and his son Philippe specialize in exceptional late 17th- to early 19th-century French furniture, painting, sculpture and decorative objects, displayed in a beautiful three-story mansion on the Place Beauvau. MARLOES BHOMER [London-Amsterdam] Marloes Ten Bhomer a London based Dutch product designer graduated from the…
Marloes Bhomer & Lukas & Krug 8
MARLOES BHOMER Marloes Ten Bhomer a London based Dutch product designer graduated from the London College of Fashion & The Royal College of Art. She is considered one of the most promising designers of her generation and has exhibited worldwide. Most recently she was nominated for the Grand Brit Insurance…
To the Moon - A Cross Country Bike Ride for Change
Eighteen college students bicycle from California to Massachusetts in order to spread awareness about cooperatives, a business model they believe to be a solution to the volatile global economy. They confront frustrating realities while discovering their place in the world, and the results are at once chaotic, enlightening, and unforgettable.…
Part of the Series: Spirit of America Series
Ever imagine what the first settlers west of the Mississippi thought when they first saw the Rocky Mountains? In this program, we are introduced to real-life mountaineers who help us re-live those glory days. First we meet a mountain climber, known as "a Colorado 14er," who climbs mountains that are…
Competition: Let the Games Begin
Part of the Series: Spirit of America Series
People who live in the Rocky Mountains have come up with some outrageous competitions over the years. How about riding a bicycle to beat a train? That's the history behind the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, also known as the Durango to Silverton Bike Race. Next up is something you don't…
Port Phillip Estate Winery
Part of the Series: Sacred Spaces
June 2012 - Marco Gjergja, Owner ,Roger Wood, of Wood Marsh Architecture Joseph Correnza, - Arup.Beauty and design.