Teasing and Bullying

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Teenagers Guide To The Galaxy Set 2
An outstanding Australian series to help develop communication skills. Developed by psychologist Eve Ash.
Boys Will Be Boys, But What About Girls? - Childhood Aggression and Gender
Part of the Series: Bullying and Beyond Series
This engaging keynote, filmed at the first national conference on bullying, blends solid research with entertaining vintage footage from Candid Camera. Dr Crick explores:
  • The marked differences between the ways boys and girls bully
  • How withholding friendship and giving a peer the cold shoulder constitute harmful relational aggression with…
Workplace Bullying
Highlights the importance of identifying a bully and handling bullying cases properly.
The Boy Game
The truth is all boys suffer under cultural codes that demand toughness and silence. This is the landscape in which kids who bully (who have often been targeted themselves) thrive but lose their emotional wholeness, the unspoken harness that keeps targets from speaking up, and that leaves the many bystanders…
Bullying & Harassment for Managers
Highlights the importance of identifying a bully and handling bullying cases properly.
The Equation of Life - Childhood Bullying
"There are many anti-bullying films on the market. What makes this one unique is the voice of a child who experienced it first-hand. The resolutions proposed are simple and realistic. If this film prevents the bullying of even one child, then it's done its job." - Ranny Levy, Founder and…
Wipe Out Bullying
Learn about the four forms of bullying - PHYSICAL, VERBAL, EXCLUSION, ONLINE. Explore the three roles in bullying - the BULLY, the VICTIM and the BYSTANDER. Get tools and resources to ignite powerful classroom discussion and HOW TO MAKE A STAND against BULLYING . Teach students to have the courage…
The Student Body - Taking a Stand Against State-Mandated BMI Tests
This is a true underdog story of two brave girls who take a stand against bullying, government intrusion and hypocrisy while exploring the complex and controversial truths behind the childhood obesity debate. Coined the "Fat Letters" by students, notification letters forced by lawmakers were sent to kids whose body mass…
7 Ways to Block a CyberBully
Cyber bullies don't shove kids on the playground or steal lunch money, but they are just as dangerous. They stay hidden behind technology and target students on the Internet and through cell phones. This film teaches students how to be smart and stay safe in a cyber bully situation. "7…
Let's Get Real - Students on Bias & Bullying
With amazing courage and candor, students discuss racial differences, perceived sexual orientation, disabilities, religious differences, sexual harassment and more. From the youth who are targeted, to the students who pick on them, to those who find the courage to intervene, Let's Get Real examines bullying from the full range of…
Bullying and Beyond Series
Insightful keynotes about bullying from Nicki Crick, Shelley Hymel and Stuart Twemlow
Hear Me Now - The Bullied Have a Voice
A stylish and poignant documentary featuring compelling stories from dozens who have been affected by bullying in schools and continue to be affected, giving viewers a candid look inside the world of bullying and the inspiration to find hope amid the darkness. HEAR ME NOW strives to become the quintessential…