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No Magic Formula: Teaching Struggling Readers
This video discusses figuring out how to teach students to read with college prep English, reading workshops and Cris' 'Four Principles'.
Beyond the Game of School: Challenging College-Bound Seniors
This video covers slowing down, constructing meaning from difficult text, organizing thinking, thinking aloud, the reading-writing connection, reading response logs and more.
Engaging Students: Choice, Respect and Talk
This video discusses establishing a climate of respect, "selfish reading", small-group instruction and calendars.
Making Thinking Visible: Comprehension Tools
The segments in this video are: show me your thinking; reading workshop; small-group instruction; comprehension constructors; highlighting work; assessment; and "what I'm doing can be replicated".

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Comprehending Content
Teachers of adolescents are under enormous pressure to cover more content in their disciplines, to make instruction more relevant to students, and to help students acquire the reading skills they need to succeed on standardized tests and beyond. In this video set, high school teacher Cris Tovani brings viewers into…
Happy Reading!
First-grade teacher Debbie Miller chronicles her work teaching reading comprehension in her popular book Reading with Meaning. In this series, Debbie takes you beyond comprehension instruction, and shows how she sustains a thoughtful primary reading program that challenges and supports readers of all abilities and needs. How does Debbie create…
Strategic Thinking
Nothing matters more than kids' thinking. As teachers, we want to honor kids' thinking and teach them to become critical, thoughtful, independent readers. To help them turn thinking into meaning and to understand what they read, students need an arsenal of strategies to navigate and synthesize text. And they need…
Strategy Instruction in Action
As Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis demonstrate in their popular book, Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension to Enhance Understanding, reading comprehension is about much more than answering literal questions at the end of a passage, story, or chapter. In this four-part video series, Stephanie and Anne invite you to join…
Talk to Me
Part of the Series: Teaching Reading Collection
Do you have students who lack stamina and struggle when it comes to sticking with difficult texts? So does Cris Tovani. In this new video--which complements So What Do They Really Know? her groundbreaking book on formative assessment--she takes you inside the classroom, where she faces the same challenges you…
What Are You Thinking
Part of the Series: Teaching Reading Collection
Have you ever wanted to sit down beside a master teacher and see how he or she confers? In this video, join Patrick Allen, author of Conferring: The Keystone to Reader's Workshop, as he confers with nine different students over the course of two days. Sitting down one-on-one with a…
Reading the World
Kids love to explore the real world--as young scientists they observe and relish nature, and through social studies they investigate other times, places, and cultures. In this series of three videos, authors and staff developers Anne Goudvis and Stephanie Harvey welcome you to the child-centered classrooms at Columbine Elementary in…
Bringing Reading to Life
Readers in grades 3-6 present unique challenges and opportunities for teachers. Many intermediate readers can decode text well, but few have the skills required for the thick textbooks and complex literature they will encounter in the middle grades and beyond. Teachers need to guide students as they develop sophisticated strategies…
Teaching Reading Collection
Teaching students to read goes well beyond the de-coding of words. Watch several master teachers guiding K-9 students--from struggling to accomplished readers--as they move from decoding to comprehension. Featured instruction includes whole-class, small-group, and individual conferences with students immersed in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Featured authors include Debbie Diller, Debbie…
Think Nonfiction!
Part of the Series: Teaching Reading Collection
Nonfiction rules! When you walk into a classroom awash in nonfiction, you know it - no quiet kids sitting at desks here. Instead we see them chattering a mile a minute over a photograph of the jaws of a great white shark or brimming with questions while poring over books…
Think Small!
Part of the Series: Literacy Collection
With the advent of RTI (Response to Intervention), teachers everywhere are spending part of their day teaching in small groups. In Think Small!, master teacher and author Debbie Diller plans and teaches various small-group lessons with students at different reading levels while the rest of the class works independently at…
Read Write and Talk
Part of the Series: Teaching Reading Collection
This lively video invites you to join Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis, authors of Strategies That Work, in an middle years reading workshop where students engage in real-world literacy. In this classroom, kids use comprehension strategies to better understand what they read. They grapple with issues, information and ideas that…