At the Time of Whaling
Part of the Series: Alaskan Eskimo Series

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Umiaq Skin Boat
Umiaq Skin Boat is a beautiful and poetic 30-minute film about a group of Inuit elders in Inukjuak, Quebec who decide one summer to build the first traditional seal skin boat their community has seen in over 50 years. Once an essential vessel for travel and for hunting large prey…
On the Spring Ice
Part of the Series: Alaskan Eskimo Series
Walrus as well as whales are hunted by the Eskimos of Gambell on St. Lawrence Island. As the film opens, an old man tells of the dangers of moving ice, how people used to drift on such ice and never return. A cluster of men stand on a snowy rooftop,…
Invasion of Killer Whales
Part of the Series: Nature
A shift of power is taking place at the top of the world. The Arctic is undergoing a dramatic change, and with this change one iconic Arctic hunter may soon have to give way to another as solid ice turns to open sea. The polar bear, once king of the…
The Melville Legacy - Moby Dick
Part of the Series: Masters of American Literature
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The Melville Legacy explores the life and works of Herman Melville (1819-1891), one of America's most renowned 19th century authors. In his novels, Typee, Omoo, and Moby Dick, Melville demonstrates his mastery of the epic sea story, the latter considered by many to be the preeminent American…
Sea Shepherd: Paul Watson
Interview with Paul Watson, an animal rights activist and stalwart advocate of the marine environment. He is the founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which intervenes with illegal fishing and whaling activity using direct action to achieve its goals. He has been arrested numerous times, on charges…
Floating Market
For many decades, hundreds of Venezuelan men in search of economic opportunity have sailed forty miles across the Caribbean from Venezuela to the island of Curacao in small wooden boats to sell tropical fruits and vegetables in Curacao's floating market, leaving behind their families in the coastal fishing villages of…
Sailing a Sinking Sea: Exploring the Culture of the Moken People
Sailing a Sinking Sea is a feature-length experimental documentary exploring the culture of the Moken people of Burma and Thailand. The Moken are a seafaring community and one of the smallest ethnic minority groups in Asia, traditionally spending eight months out of the year in thatch-roofed wooden boats. Wholly reliant…
Matthew Barney: No Restraint - Creating a Narrative Sculpture
How does artist Matthew Barney use 45,000 pounds of petroleum jelly, a factory whaling vessel, and traditional Japanese rituals to create an art project? Barney plowed the waters off the coast of Nagasaki to film his massive endeavor, Drawing Restraint 9 (2005). The immersive documentary Matthew Barney: No Restraint journeys…
Cass - No Saucepan Diver
Broome, Western Australia, 1982: Cass recalls the old days of the pearling industry when there would be 40 or more boats operating from Broome. Now there are only 5 or 6. Cass is a staunchly self-reliant man, part-Aboriginal, part-Malay, part-Scottish, who used to work as a diver in the pearling…
Tununeremiut - The People of Tununak
Part of the Series: Alaskan Eskimo Series
Four sequences, filmed over a two-month period, portray aspects of the lives of the people of Tununak, a village on the south-western coast of Alaska. In the first, the villagers evacuate their homes and camp on higher ground, fearing that a Nuclear test on Amchitka Island, 1000 miles away, may…
Robot Actuators and Movement
Episode 3 of Robotics Series
Investigate robot actuators: the motors and transmissions that underlie all robotic movement. You'll learn about the early use of springs as motors in automata; how electricity spins the magnets that make motors move; how movement defines what a robot is; and different types of motors (including DC and servo motors).
The Pearlers
Beautifully filmed in black and white, this classic short film looks at pearling in the late 1940s. It goes on board the boats that work off the coast of Broome, Western Australia, from March to December each year. Crewed mainly by Aboriginal, Malay and Chinese men, they work six days…