Tiny: A Story About Living Small

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Lauren avatar

This movie made me want to throw away all my stuff! It was a really inspiring story of a man working hard to realize his dreams. His story is inter-cut with interviews with others in the tiny house movement as well. A really interesting lifestyle perspective!

Tom avatar

Awesome take on the trend to minimalism and less indulgence. With the rising costs of living and real estate in the cities I have lived in, I think this trend will gain more steam... also I buy into the idea that simpler living leads to less "life complexity" (less things to track, maintain, ...Read more

Olivia avatar

Being a minimalist, I found it very refreshing to the stories of those in the "Tiny Living" Movement. I'm not convinced I could live quite so small, but certainly respect those that do and the light footprint they have on the environment. Fun to live the simple life and reduce life to the ...Read more

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