Sex Work and Modern Day Slavery

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The cops in this documentary were very inspiring.

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Good doc

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very eye opening documentary! I had no idea how prevalent the prostitution market is outside of Las Vegas. Heartbreaking that women get sucked into the cycle and have no way to leave. The ones that do leave are forever scarred by what happened

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thought provoking

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Still extremely shocked that this starts at such a young age! I am happy that there is a lot of work going into preventing and stopping all of this from happening and hope to see even more aid as time passes. The more we can be educated about the topic, the easier it will be to prevent future ...Read more

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Very eye-opening and heart breaking! So hard to imagine these things happening in our own backyard, but so amazing to see all the hard work going into stopping it. Still more needs to be done, the wrong people are being arrested and it's so unfortunate.

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Really great doc. The filmmakers include interviews from people involved in every aspect of human trafficking. It's heartbreaking to see the manipulation of these women and the broken legal system that punishes the wrong people. As hard as it is to watch certain parts, it's great to see ...Read more

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This is heartbreaking! I can't believe so many people go through this. That last statistic about there being more people enslaved now than in any other time in history is incredibly upsetting. Seriously, EVERYBODY needs to watch this!

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