Two Americans
Fighting Deportation in Arizona

Ave Phoenix Productions
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Drug - Terror Related Traffic Stops
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 12
Retired Maryland State Trooper Mike Lewis, now Sheriff of Wicomico County, Maryland, takes us step-by-step through effective interdiction stops, legal and officer safety considerations, and effective case documentation and presentation. Issues Addressed: Office Safety, Traffic Stops, Drugs / Controlled Substances
Trafficked: The Child Sex Trade
The trafficking of women and children for prostitution is a global problem. The United Nations estimates that more than one million children are forced into sexual slavery each year. Some of them are trafficked into Australia. This powerful documentary follows former police officer turned private investigator, Chris Payne as he…
Gun-Wielding Woman Shot by Officers
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Kern County (CA) Sheriff's Officers resort to lethal force despite concerted efforts to negotiate a gun-wielding woman from her vehicle on a California interstate. Issues Addressed: Use of Force / Crisis Negotiations / Dealing with EDP / Body Language
Sentenced Home - The Deportation of Cambodian Americans
Like many young Cambodian Americans who arrived in the U.S. as refugees in the '80s, Loeun Lun, Many Uch and Kim Ho Ma hoped for the best. Little did they know that their destinies, guided by youthful mistakes and the unforeseeable events of 9/11, would bring them full-circle decades later:…
Warren High Speed Chase / High Speed Chase Tutorial
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A suburban Detroit police officer robs a bank and leads Warren, Michigan officers on a high speed pursuit. His expertise in eluding the officers is analyzed in this incident completely captured on tape. In Backup, we look at EVOC training provided by the San Bernardino, CA Sheriff's office. Issues Addressed:…
Tinted Window Shooting / Tinted Window Training
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 3
Two sheriff's deputies stop a car with tinted windows and are forced to resort to lethal force. Once the subject is stopped the deputies must shoot out the vehicle's tires as it rolls down the highway toward traffic. Excellent analysis and lessons provided by both deputies, who happen to be…
Sin Pais (Without Country)
In 1992, Sam and Elida Mejia left Guatemala during a violent civil war and brought their one-year old son, Gilbert, to California. The Mejia's settled in the Bay Area, and for the past 17 years they have worked multiple jobs to support their family, paid their taxes, and saved enough…
School Prayer: A Community at War
A Mississippi mother of six sues her local school district to remove intercom prayer and Bible classes from the public schools. Christian community members rally against her to protect their time-honored tradition of religious practices in the schools. Both sides claim they are fighting for religious freedom. In 1962 the…
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SOAKED IN BLEACH reveals the events behind Kurt Cobain's death as seen through the eyes of Tom Grant, the private investigator that was hired by Courtney Love in 1994 to track down her missing husband (Kurt Cobain) only days before his deceased body was found at their Seattle home. Cobain's…
Child Abduction Stopped by Deputies
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 3
Sheriff's deputies in rural Arkansas save a baby from being drowned in swamp by a mentally-unbalanced subject. This program also features a revealing segment on unusual places for hiding firearms. Issues Addressed: Hostage Negotiation / Shoot Don't-Shoot / Dealing with Mentall Ill-EDP
Pursuit Nabs Naked Cowboy
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 2
Sheriff's deputies in Idaho make succesful use of spike strips and canine training in the high-speed pursuit and subsequent arrest of an inebriated, naked motorist with a high powered rifle in his truck. Issues Addressed: DUI / Pursuits / Traffic Stops / Dispatching-Communications / Felony Stop
Sex Trafficking in the USA
Part of the Series: A Path Appears Series
The Department of Justice estimates that there are 300,000 children at risk of being trafficked into sexual slavery in the U.S. A Path Appears introduces individual survivors behind these shocking numbers, and illuminates the widespread existence of a crime happening in our own backyards. In this episode, Ashley Judd and…