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Tough to watch at times due to the seriousness of the social issues portrayed in this film, but well worth watching. Incredible acting!

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Set in an anonymous corner of suburbia, this contemporary adaptation of Ibsen's play is a shattering exploration of ambition, domestic power and gender roles. Just married, Hedda Gabler and her husband arrive at their new home where Hedda's romantic rival from the past appears. Hedda must confront her desire for…
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An erotic thriller from the director of Psychopathia Sexualis, THE LITTLE DEATH offers a peek into the seedy boudoirs of a Victorian-era brothel, where a strong-willed reformer ventures into a turn-of-the-century brothel to confront its owner, and to liberate a young woman who is being held there in sexual captivity.
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Ken Cooper was a successful comedian in the 1990's, but his single-guy jokes are irrelevant twenty years later. Now he's an anxiety ridden, stay-at-home dad, clinging to a TV show dream that his breadwinner wife doesn't believe in. Tonight could be a big break for Ken - a final shot…
Efficiency is the story of a pair of irresponsible twin brothers who struggle to keep their close bond intact when an unexpected tragedy threatens to tear them apart. It's a coming of age story about accepting responsibility when it's least expected. Derrick and Patrick are identical twin brothers, recently out…
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