Unclear and Present Danger

Nicholas & Smith
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This new "all in one" training program is essential viewing for all staff responsible for internal or external audits in safety health environment quality and risk. Following a real auditor in action in a real business situation, it builds a picture of the complete auditor: their traits, skills and audit…
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A video from ECU's archive of documentaries and teaching films. A Site Survey is a critical component of the security risk analysis process. It is during this inspection that additional information is obtained which will be essential for the assessment of threats, levels of risk and vulnerabilities of assets of…
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  • Flow charts
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There are people who are always drawn to danger, who wish to go higher and further, who desire to pit themselves against the elements, and who choose to battle against the most dangerous conditions. These people demand the best in terms of clothing and equipment. And as we see here,…
Diagnostic Dummies
Getting volunteers to act as drivers when researching driver safety in a car crash are hard to come by. The same is true when testing the viability of a life jacket in icy conditions. And how many people can lie still enough for long enough in a hospital bed to…
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Stay Safe in the Emergency Department
Gain insights into tips and practices that emergency department doctors and patients should know to ensure their safety. Topics include the risks of conscious sedation (which is less safe than general anesthesia), the importance of knowing your allergies, and the dangers involved in handing off a patient to another provider.
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