Walking The Path of Peace
Episode 13 of Dalai Lama Collection

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Towards A Peaceful World
Episode 11 of Dalai Lama Collection
This program captures the excitement and the huge crowds which gathered when the Dalai Lama visited the U.K. in May 1999. Highlights include excerpts from 'Lo-jong - Transforming the Mind' teachings at Wembley Conference Centre and the 'Ethics for the New Millennium' talk at the royal Albert Hall. Also included…
Gandhi - The Road to Freedom
An in-depth look at the life of the 'Father of a Nation' The first definitive series on the life of Gandhi, examining his relationship with his wife, his controversial views on race and his role on the path to Indian independence. On the world stage, Martin Luther King, the Dalai…
Keeping the Faith
Episode 3 of Once Were Monks Series
Father Gonzalo settles into his new life at the meditation centre and attends a performance of the Tibetan Gyuto Monks, the personal choir to the Dalai Lama. He invites them home to dinner and develops a growing interest in Buddhism. Back at the pub, the men of St Francis have…
Merton: A Film Biography - The Legacy of a Religious Philosopher
In his lifetime, Thomas Merton was hailed as a prophet and censured for his outspoken social criticism. For nearly 27 years he was a monk of the austere Trappist order, where he became an eloquent spiritual writer and mystic as well as an anti-war advocate and witness to peace. Merton:…
Sunrise/Sunset - A Day in the Life of the Dalai Lama
The daily life of the Dalai Lama is brought home with remarkable intimacy in Sunrise/Sunset. Granted total access to His Holiness for 24 hours, this is a day in the life of the Dalai Lama from when he wakes up at 3AM until his bedtime at dusk.
Voices for Peace: Four Films on Grassroots Activism
In this compilation, award-winning independent documentary filmmaker Robbie Leppzer chronicles grassroots activists from a cross-section of races, religions, and ages working together to stop war. 4 Parts include:
  • Choose Life
  • Call of the Peace Pagoda
  • Straight Talk
  • Voices for Peace
"A filmmaker unafraid to go against the tide."…
Message Of Peace and Compassion His Holiness The Dalai Lama UK Visit
Episode 8 of Dalai Lama Collection
A commemorative program of the highlights of H.H. The Dalai Lama's UK visit May/June 2004, including his visits to Liverpool, London & Glasgow. His Holiness, receives an honorary degree from John Moores University in Liverpool Cathedral, and meets the Mayor of Liverpool. His Holiness also meets members of the public…
Contentment, Joy and Living Well
Episode 2 of Dalai Lama Collection
H.H. The Dalai Lama discusses how our essential human nature is compassionate and affectionate, and how when this is combined with our intellect, this balance can contribute to happier human life and a better world for all beings. He then suggests that transformation is achieved by increasing our good qualities…
The Power Of Compassion
Episode 10 of Dalai Lama Collection
This video is part of a series of ongoing reissues that bring the work of the Dalai Lama to a wider audience. These films will form part of a unique and groundbreaking series of films that will be welcomed the world over not only by those interested in Buddhism but…
Facing Death And Dying Well
Episode 4 of Dalai Lama Collection
The Dalai Lama teaching about the truth of suffering, the Three Characteristics of Existence and the dissolution of the body's elements at death. His Holiness encourages us to develop our awareness of death and move from gross understanding to more subtle levels.
Seeking God: The Way Of The Monk
In a remote canyon in northern New Mexico, the early morning stillness is broken by voices chanting praises to the Lord. And thus begins the daily cycle in the God-centered life and search of the Benedictine monks at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. Seeking God is a monastic…
Bön: Mustang to Menri
Bon: Mustang to Menri tells the story of Asonam, a 10 yr. old boy, who made a journey from his homeland, the ancient kingdom of Mustang (now part of Nepal) to Menri Monastery in Northern India. There Asonam made the commitment to become a Geshe, equivalent to a PhD, and…