Weapons of the Spirit

Chambon Foundation
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The Reich Underground
HITLER'S SECRET LABYRINTHS EXPLORED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN DECADES Late in World War II, while Germany sustained relentless bombing by the Allies, the Nazis undertook a bold gambit to turn the war back in their favor. Building an extensive tunnel system deep underground to house armament factories, Nazi leaders…
Nazi Mega Weapons - Season 1
Nazi Mega Weapons: Season 1 Atlantic Wall To protect occupied Europe from an Allied invasion, Hitler demands the construction of a defensive wall stretching thousands of kilometers from France in the south to Norway in the north. This is the story of how this vast engineering project sucked in huge…
When Martin Was Fourteen - Als Martin Vierzehn War
Martin and his friend Kathrin find their childhoods end abruptly in March 1920, when their village is drawn into the events surrounding the reactionary Kapp Putsch. Martin accidently stumbles upon weapons that the landowner Broder has stockpiled for the reactionary forces and brings them to the workers in the city.…
Ammo For The Info Warrior 2
"Information is the ultimate weapon," this program proclaims. Based in New York City, Guerrilla News Network (GNN) is an independent news organization with a mission to expose young people to important global news and information free from corporate filters, through programming on the Web and on TV. GNN's news videos…
Syria: Witnesses for the Prosecution - Demanding Justice Against War Crimes in Syria
For five years, ordinary men in Syria have been gathering evidence of all war crimes committed, whoever the perpetrators. Amid the thunder of bombs, these anonymous and unsung heroes face the risks in hopes to hold those accountable at court. Ibrahim, Othman, Sami, Cesar, Adel, and Bassam are the backbone…
The Battle of the Frontiers
Part of the Series: WWI: The War to End all Wars
This episode deals with the beginning of the war; the establishment of two-front war, the involvement of multiple countries on both sides of the battle and the development of new weapons that were utilized for the war.
Bloodlust Zombies
A military weapons manufacturer creates a chemical weapon that causes victims to become blood-lusting killers. A lab accident causes the building to go into lock-down and the employees are trapped inside with the crazed killers.
A Force More Powerful
A Force More Powerful explores how popular movements battled entrenched regimes and military forces with unconventional weapons like boycotts, strikes, and demonstrations. Acts of civil resistance helped subvert the operations of government, and direct intervention in the form of sit-ins, nonviolent sabotage, and blockades frustrated many rulers' efforts to suppress…
YƔkwa, The Banquet of the Spirits
This is a four-part documentary about the Yakwa, the most important ritual of the Enauene- Naue Indians of Brazil. For seven months every year, the spirits are venerated with offerings of food, song and dance so they will protect the community. The World Outside the Rock - The Yakwa festivities…
Knives Can Kill You -- Fast
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 9
This is an extremely important training program for your library. In it, one of the leading law enforcement experts in the world teaches and trains you to survive a knife attack / assault. The program provides step-by-step training. Issues Addressed: Edged Weapons / Groundfighting / Officer Safety / Weapon Retention…
Weapon Retention
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 9
One of the nation's premiere law enforcement trainers, Herb Hood, provides complete and thorough training on his newly-developed and easy-to-learn weapons retention system. This is a must and possible life-saver for any officer working the street. Issues Addressed: Weapon Retention / Groundfighting / Defensive Tactics / Officer Safety
Bonhoeffer - An Anti-Nazi Dissident
As a young pastor, Bonhoeffer helped to organise the Confessing Church, Germany's only true organised challenge to the Nazi state. A prolific writer and acclaimed preacher, Bonhoeffer came to New York on a teaching fellowship and taught Sunday school in the famed Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem. When Bonhoeffer returned…