Webisode Producer: Producer & Director Kathryn O'Sullivan & Paul Awad
Part of the Series: How to Make it in Film

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Webisode Producer: Producer & Director Otessa Ghadar
Part of the Series: How to Make it in Film
Otessa Ghadar's, Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden, is presently the longest continually running show online. OJBG is the recipient of numerous awards, including ones from the Telly Awards, the Webby Awards and the LA Web Series Festival.
Auditioning For The Camera
Where should you look during an audition? What makes a good headshot? What should you wear? Paul Awad, professional director and acting teacher, guides students through workshop exercises created to help actors make the most of their audition time, bring out their unique qualities and give them a solid grasp…
Auditioning For Commercials
What type of commercials are there? How do you read a commercial script? What makes a successful audition? Learn the process of auditioning for commercials and how to put your best foot forward. Through a relaxed workshop dialogue with professional director and acting teacher Paul Awad, students discuss and work…
Inside Australia
On a vast salt lake surrounded by red earth, British sculptor Antony Gormley embarks on an installation that awakens a small Goldfields town in remote Western Australia. Directer: Hugh Brody Executive Producer: Brian Beaton Producer: Jody Nunn
Blank City
BLANK CITY is an "absorbing snapshot of a daring time" (LA Times) when a disparate crew of renegade filmmakers emerged from an economically bankrupt and dangerous moment in New York history. From the late 1970's through the mid 80's, when the East Village was still a wasteland of cheap rent…
Desperately Seeking Doctors: The Kimberley
Outspoken and zealous, Dr Mary Fortune leaves Scotland to take up the challenge of working in one of the most remote medical posts on the planet. With her fresh eyes we discover the realities of Australian health delivery in a new light. Field Director: Stuart Greig Post Director: Alan Carter…
With the art of canoe making about to vanish, an island village revives an ancient tradition. Kabelbel follows a group of villagers as they are taught the art of canoe making and seafaring by clan elders. Intergenerational differences and a sense of social change emerge along the way, along with…
Mparntwe - Sacred Sites
This documentary focuses on the sacred sites in and around Mparntwe (Alice Springs) in central Australia, and the struggle of the Arrernte people to identify, document and preserve these sites in the face of rapid urban expansion and property development. Max Stuart, Thomas Stevens, Doris Stuart and other Elders talk…
Sisters, Pearls and Mission Girls
In 1907 a group of young Irish nuns came ashore in one of Australia's most rugged and inhospitable regions - the far northwest. Their task was to "civilize and evangelise" the local Aboriginal women and children, first at Beagle Bay then the notoriously wild pearling town of Broome. This is…
How to Make it in Film
How to Make It In Film consists of a series of behind the scenes interviews with regional, national and international filmmakers, editors, directors, writers, cinematographers, producers and many others who work in the film industry. Each program includes questions taken from a live studio audience consisting of students in the…
Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Mimi Machado-Luces
Part of the Series: How to Make it in Film
Mimi Machado-Luces, Emmy, Telly and ProMax award winning; Producer, Writer, Director of documentary films, television programs, health education films, commercial advertisements and television promotion spots. She won critical acclaim with La Vida in Black, a character portrait of Afro-Latinos living in the Americas.
Eight Ladies
The eight ladies in this film come from Alyawarr Country in the Sandover River region in central Australia, about 250km north of Alice Springs. The filmmakers joined them on a five-day journey into the bush to hunt echidna and gather bush foods such as the bush potato. As they hunt…