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Part of the Series: The Life of Mammals

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Insect Hunters
Part of the Series: The Life of Mammals
When mammals first appeared, insects were abundant on earth, and mammals made meals of them. Crucially, they were the first creatures able to make and regulate their own body heat, so they could hunt insects in the cool of the night, when most of the predatory dinosaurs were asleep.The modern…
Part of the Series: The Life of Mammals
Plants usually protect the goodness inside their seeds with very hard outer cases - as David Attenborough testifies after he has tried and failed to crack open a tropical nut by bashing it with a rock.'Believe it or not' he proclaims 'there are mammals here in Panama which can break…
Meat Eaters
Part of the Series: The Life of Mammals
From the very first time mammals walked on the planet there has been both hunter and hunted.The pressure to evolve speed, endurance and maneuverability has helped them to outwit each other and occupy their very own niche. For the first mammalian hunters that came down from the trees their small…
What is a Mammal?
Part of the Series: Animals Series, for Primary
From dogs to squirrels to elephants, we are familiar with many different mammals. This video explores some of the fascinating features of this amazing group of animals. Concepts and terminology: backbone, fur, warm-blooded, milk, and live young.
Part of the Series: The Life of Mammals
When it comes to food most mammals are specialists - some eat nothing but termites, some just seeds, others eat only flesh, and one species, the giant panda, relies almost exclusively on bamboo. But, there is an alternative strategy for feeding. Instead of being a specialist you can be a…
Return to the Water
Part of the Series: The Life of Mammals
As the first signs of life left it's watery environment to colonize dry land the race was on in the search for food. After millions of years the increasing competition to survive made some mammals take one of the greatest steps in evolution - they returned to the water. Retaining…
Wild Australasia
Part of the Series: Wild Australasia
This first programme of the series is a sweeping introduction to the natural wonders of Australia and reveals why its natural history has become so distinctive and strange. It features some of the most bizarre animals and evocative locations across the continent. When Australia first broke away from the rest…
Life in the Trees
Part of the Series: The Life of Mammals
An emergent tree in a tropical forest can grow to over forty metres high. The first branch may be twenty metres from the ground. A slip from this height would almost certainly be fatal.To make matters worse, branches may break without warning, or the tree may blow over. But, though…
Wild Lessons
Part of the Series: Nature's Miracle Orphans
Watch two-toed baby sloth Pelota learn to be independent in Costa Rica, while in Australia, young kangaroo Harry must be taught to socialize with his mates. Baby fruit bat Bugsy needs special help when his mother can't provide milk.
Counting Sheep: Restoring the Sierra Nevada Bighorn
Counting Sheep chronicles the struggle for survival of the wild Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, a majestic emblem of American wilderness. Shot and produced over the course of twelve years, Counting Sheep captures the plight of the Sierra bighorn with dynamic interviews and exquisite footage -- the first film ever of…
Birds Of Hispaniola
See the diverse wildlife of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti), the second largest island of the Caribbean. More than 120 birds including 30 endemic species are shown in their natural environment. The documentary also includes animals of special interest: sea turtles, lizards, and snakes plus two of the most endangered…
The Secret Life of Whitetails
Filmed in high definition, the stunning images and absorbing soundtrack in this award-winning program will immerse you in the secret domain of the white-tailed deer. Wildlife cinematographer, Gary W. Griffen, spent three years in the field capturing extraordinary behavioral footage of this magnificent creature throughout its annual cycle. Narrated by…