The Witches of Salem: The Horror and the Hope

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The Puritan Experience: Forsaking England
Here's a "beautifully photographed, well-edited program which uses the experience of the Higgins family to represent the lives of approximately 20,000 Puritans who, in the 1630s, were so thoroughly harassed by the Church of England that they decided to migrate to the American colonies in hope of finding religious freedom.…
The Puritan Experience: Making of a New World
This program continues the Higgins' chronicle in Massachusetts. In an ironic twist, the daughter befriends the Indians and community intolerance of unorthodox beliefs forces the family to flee once more. "Presents factual information on Puritan beliefs, culture and life. Class interest should be high."--Previews. An LCA release.
Greeks - In Search of Meaning
The magnificent age of Greece is recreated through the words and deeds of her citizens -- great and small. The eternal truths are dramatized in scenes from Antigone and Lysistrata; Socrates discusses familiar principles with his disciples; and the great philosopher faces death with a nobility that has spanned the…
The Bible - A Literary Heritage
Shot on location in Israel, actor Donald Pleasence and a distinguished cast dramatize excerpts from the story of Abraham and Isaac, the Book of Job, the Psalms, the Song of Solomon, and the Sermon on the Mount. "Interesting sequences relate the Bible's words to modern life and show how the…
Marxism - The Theory That Split a World
Documentary footage, visually interesting animation of its major tenets, and dramatized interviews are used to outline the history and significance of Marxism. The film explores the monumental changes and enduring conflicts that were born out of Karl Marx's ideology. An LCA release from 1970.
A Matter of Conscience - Henry VIII and Thomas More
Based on A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt, the clash between Sir Thomas More (Paul Scofield) and Henry VIII (Robert Shaw) is brilliantly presented, as More refuses to sanction Henry's manipulation to make himself head of the Church of England. The climactic scene in the halls of Parliament…
The Crusades - Saints and Sinners
This full-scale dramatization, much of it filmed in actual locations, re-creates the events surrounding the First Crusade in the 11th century. Exploring the motivations of the people and their leaders, The Crusades climaxes in the taking of Jerusalem, a battle that reflects the eternal irony of the concept of "holy…
The Lure of Empire - America Debates Imperialism
Exploring one of America's most controversial foreign policy decisions -- the annexation of the Philippines -- this program re-creates the agony of self-searching that preceded America's turn toward expansion. "Everyone who was anyone from 1899 to 1901 is here, from [President] McKinley to Samuel Clemens. Newsreel shots of the Spanish-American…
The Immigrant Experience: The Long, Long Journey
The hopes and conflicts of all immigrants are seen through the eyes of the boy Janek, and in a warm scene at the program's close, Janek the man looks at his dreams of a lifetime being realized through his grandchildren. An LCA release. Awards: Chicago, Columbus, National Educational, Oakland Film…
Pompeii - Once There Was a City
By juxtaposing life in the ancient city with the quality of life in contemporary America, this graphic program poses a timeless question--has humankind learned anything from the past? An LCA release. Awards: Columbus Film Festival
Andrew Carnegie: The Gospel of Wealth
Actor Bramwell Fletcher stars as the paradoxical Andrew Carnegie in a drama that's both a fascinating portrait of the tycoon-philanthropist and an insightful look at the power games of big business. An LCA release. Awards: Columbus Film Festival
Bismarck - Germany From Blood and Iron
Powerfully acted, with rich production values and authentic settings, this exciting program focuses on the dynamic Otto von Bismarck--by turns Machiavellian, affectionate, ruthless, bullying, cajoling--as he engineers the events that will ultimately achieve the unification of Germany. An LCA release. Awards: Chicago, Columbus Film Festivals