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Workplace Bullying for Workers
Gives simple steps that one can take if bullied or harassed. Co-written by a leading workplace psychologist.
Manual Handling 2015
Not only focuses on how to perform manual tasks safely, but encourages the audience to think about why.
Contractor WHS
Discusses the obligations of an employer to contractors and provides examples of how contractors can be managed effectively.

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Wipe Out Bullying
Learn about the four forms of bullying - PHYSICAL, VERBAL, EXCLUSION, ONLINE. Explore the three roles in bullying - the BULLY, the VICTIM and the BYSTANDER. Get tools and resources to ignite powerful classroom discussion and HOW TO MAKE A STAND against BULLYING . Teach students to have the courage…
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Manual Handling Healthcare - Non Clinical
Part of the Series: Manual Handling Healthcare Series
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Induction Series - Part 3
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Employment Law In Action
Key Topics
  • Contracts Of Employment
  • Employment Law
  • Rights At Work
  • Maternity Leave
  • Bullying
  • Victimisation
  • Discrimination
  • Equality Act
  • Redundancy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Personnel
How do contracts of employment - and employment laws more generally - help people at work? This film includes some basic facts about employment as well…
Manual Handling Healthcare Series
A manual handling training program produced specifically for the healthcare industry. This series covers a range of areas including catering, non-clinical, sterilisation, peri-operative, resident handling and patient handling.
Manual Handling Retail
Provides a range of tips, procedures and preventative actions to improve the safety of manual handling tasks.
Manual Handling Minimal Lift - Aged Care Industry
Produced specifically for the aged care industry, this video discusses manual handling safety in relation to a minimal lift policy.