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High up in the Himalayas, a poor Chinese community has called itself "Shangri-La" and is looking to tourism to boost its economy. Visitor numbers are growing - but both the…
Alaska's sleepy fishing villages all but died when its gold rush ended 100 years ago. Now they're being overwhelmed by hordes of cruise ship tourists. It's a boost to the…
Every year 300,000 people come to Nepal to trek in the famous mountaineering country of the Everest National Park. But with them come deforestation, soil erosion and piles of rubbish.…
Dubai once depended on income from its oil. Now tourism in this desert kingdom is booming. But what about the cultural and environmental price? Developers have built a ski-resort in…
Gorillas are under threat - and many of their problems are caused by humans. But in the heart of Central Africa, ironically, tourism is helping to keep them alive. Eco-tourists…

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World Heritage Sites
World heritage sites are ones with special natural or cultural features that meet criteria for listing as set by the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO. States/Countries nominate sites for listing and outline how sites will be managed so as to conserve them for future generations and to protect their outstanding…
China: Country Overview
Become familiar with the China's history, government, legal system, and economy.
World School - The Journey of a Mother and Son Traveling the World
In 2010, Mary and Corin Katzke sold everything and left Anchorage with two backpacks, two knapsacks and a suitcase full of books. They had one-way tickets to Ireland and a wish list in hand, but no further itinerary. They continued heading East for the entire school year, covering three continents:…
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Explore China's business culture, networking, negotiating, and management practices.
China: Protocol
Learn about China's social and business dos and don'ts to avoid cultural faux pas.
China: Local Culture
Gain insight into China's culture, values and beliefs, and contemporary issues.
Sustainable Tourism Collection
Sustainable tourism minimised any impact on the environment and local culture of tourist destinations, creating a sustainable local tourist economy.
This collection offers an overview of the country of China, including its culture, business, protocol, and even travel tips to those visiting the country for the first time.
Impact of Tourism: Kenya
Part of the Series: Sustainable Tourism Collection
Tourism is Kenya's third largest source of income. Last year alone, more than half a million tourists spent their holidays here. But what don't the tourists see? MASAI MARA: The Masai Mara is one of the best-known game parks in the world. All around the game park, mock villages have…
Discovering Paris
Paris, the "City of Light" is widely considered as the world's most beautiful city. Find out why as you follow two visitors discovering Paris on a five day stay. They visit many major attractions and districts by walking and using the Metro. Highlights include the views from the Eiffel Tower…
Peru to Brazil
Part of the Series: Around the World in 80 Treasures
Dan Cruickshank sets out on television's most ambitious treasure hunt ever - to reveal the most beautiful and precious things made by man since the dawn of time. Filmed over five months and visiting over 40 countries, episode one takes Dan deep into the Amazonian rainforests of Brazil, to the…