In David Lynch's "dream of dark and troubling things," Henry is left alone in his apartment to care for his deformed baby and has a series of strange encounters with the beautiful girl across the hall and the woman living…
In his one-of-a-kind fiction/documentary hybrid Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One, director William Greaves presides over a beleaguered film crew in New York's Central Park, leaving them to try to figure out what kind of movie they're making. A couple enacts a break-up…
Mixed Messages - Gender Stereotyping in Popular Culture
An experimental video collage that incorporates found footage, performance, interviews with young girls, documentary, animation, images from advertising and television, and a dream narrative in a work that examines gender-stereotyping in popular culture, concluding with a post-modern version of the…
Masterworks of American Avant-garde Experimental Film - The 1920s
Clip #1: "Manhatta" - Clip #2: "Ballet Mechanique" - Clip #3: "Anemic cinema" - Clip #4: "The Life and Death of 9413-A Hollywood Extra" - Clip #5: "Skyscraper Symphony" -
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Masterworks of American Avant-garde Experimental Film - The 1940s
Clip #1: "Tarantella" - Clip #2: "The Pursuit of Happiness" - Clip #3: "1941" - Clip #4: "Meshes of the Afternoon" - Clip #5: "Meditation on Violence" - Clip #6: "In the Street" -
6 videos
Masterworks of American Avant-garde Experimental Film - The 1960s
Clip #1: "9 Variations on a Dance Theme" - Clip #2: "Castro Street" - Clip #3: "Film That Rises to the Surface of Clarified Butter" - Clip #4: "Excerpt from Walden: Diaries, Notes and Sketches" - Clip #5: "Our Lady…
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D.W. Griffith's epic intercuts between four separate stories about man's inhumanity to man. In Babylon, pacifist Prince Belshazzar is brought down by warring religious factions. In Judea, the last days of Christ (Howard Gaye) are depicted in the style of…
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Masterworks of American Avant-garde Experimental Film - The 1970s
Clip #1: "DL2 (Disintegration Line #2)" - Clip #2: "Love It/Leave It" - Clip #3: "Transport" -
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The Smell of Burning Ants
The Smell of Burning Ants is a haunting documentary on the pains of growing up male. It explores the inner and outer cruelties that boys perpetrate and endure. The film provokes the viewer to reflect on how our society can…
Period Piece
Period Piece is a documentary about menarche -- a girl's first menstrual period -- which is a fundamental experience in every woman's life, yet one that is rarely celebrated. Women of different ages (8-84) and multi-cultural backgrounds tell their menarchal…
Unbound - Scenes from the Life of Mary Shelley
UNBOUND transforms and explodes the idea of documentary and biography. The result is an inversion of narrative, re-siting Romanticism through an infinitely caressing yet ruptured and painterly lens. In Rome for a year at the American Academy, Child created imaginary…
Masterworks of American Avant-garde Experimental Film - The 1950s
Clip #1: "Four in the afternoon" - Clip #2: "Abstronic" - Clip #3: "Eaux d'artifice" - Clip #4: "Bells of Atlantis" - Clip #5: "Evolution" - Clip #6: "Gyromorphosis" - Clip #7: "Hurry, Hurry!" - Clip #8: "N.Y., N.Y." -
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Five Short Films by Jay Rosenblatt
A collection of five short award-winning films by Jay Rosenblatt. Clip #1: "The D Train" - Clip #2: "Afraid So" - Clip #3: "Prayer" - Clip #4: "Nine Lives (The Eternal Moment of Now)" - Clip #5: "Worm" -
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Masterworks of American Avant-garde Experimental Film - The 1930s
Clip #1: "Mechanical Principles" - Clip #2: "A Bronx Morning" - Clip #3: "Lot in Sodom" - Clip #4: "Poem 8" - Clip #5: "An Optical Poem" - Clip #6: "Thimble Theatre" -
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Films by Alice Anne Parker
Collected works of Alice Anne Parker. Clip #1: "I Change I Am the Same" - Clip #2: "Riverbody" - Clip #3: "Near the Big Chakra" - Clip #4: "Introduction to Humanities" - Clip #5: "Animals Running" - Clip #6: "The…
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The Darkness of Day
The Darkness of Day is a haunting meditation on suicide. It is comprised entirely of found 16mm footage that had been discarded. The sadness, the isolation, and the desire to escape are recorded on film in various contexts. Voice-over readings…
End of the Art World
With Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein and Michael Snow. "With ferocious wit, Ms. Krasilovsky sends up New York's art scene in End of the Art World. In essence, Ms. Krasilovsky uses the sounds and images of the…
Films by Janis Crystal Lipzin (2003 - 2014)
Films produced by Janis Crystal Lipzin from 2003 to 2014. Clip #1: "Threnody" - Clip #2: "Luminous Greenhouse" - Clip #3: "De Luce 1: Vegetare" - Clip #4: "De Luce 2: Architectura" - Clip #5: "Micro-Celluloid Incidents in Four Santas"…
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Films by Dominic Angerame
Films produced by Dominic Angerame between 2002 to 2013. Clip #1: "Battle Stations--A Navel Adventure" - Clip #2: "Anaconda Targets" - Clip #3: "The Soul of Things" -
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Films by Constance Beeson - Volume 2
Collection of works by Constance Beeson. Clip #1: "Grow Old Alone With Me" - Clip #2: "Firefly" - Clip #3: "Holding" - Clip #4: "Lotus" - Clip #5: "The Now" -
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