How To Do Vintage Waves
How To Do Vintage Waves is a striking assortment of wave styles from 20's finger waves to textured runway waves. This is sure to be your all time favourite. Channelling Hollywood starlets of the 40's, Rita Hayworth was the quintessential…
7 videos
Beautiful Brides Classic Collection Series 1
Sharon Blain presents Beautiful Brides Series 1 . Six different looks inspired by the timeless classics of the 30's, 40's and 50's. Series 1 covers the classic shapes and styles in a step by step format. Learn the art of…
6 videos
Fundamental Hairstyling - Roller Placement
This programme looks at roller placement techniques.
Jewel Collection
Discover how one simple 'twisting' technique is the foundation for six different styles in Sharon Blain's latest Jewel Collection. Learn the secret behind the hottest updo's for the season in simple, easy-to-follow step-by-steps. Sharon talks you through each of the…
6 videos
Temporary Nail Repair
This training video demonstrates temporary Nail Repair techniques.
Hairdressing Physiology
This programme is fundamental to the art and science of hairdressing and demonstrates how the skin and hair are formed. It contains a number of 3D animation graphics to assist with an understanding of the basic principles.
How To Do Creative Braids
How To Do Creative Braids is a nod to a host of the hottest looks, using simple braids such as single twist, rope twist, three strand, four strand, French braid and fish tail. Braiding complements the latest fashion trends and…
7 videos
Fundamental Hairdressing Skills - Hair and Scalp Discorders
This programme looks at hair structure and condition. Some common scalp disorders are also covered.
Fundamental Hairstyling - Moulding and Waving
This programme looks at moulding and waving techniques.
Beautiful Brides Contemporary Collection Series 2
Sharon Blain presents a fresh, young interpretation of bridal elegance. Combining High Fashion and a take on the latest Red Carpet styling, the contemporary collection is a strong fashion statement for the new season. The styles are created on various…
6 videos
How To Do Creative Braids 2
Following the worldwide success of How To Do Creative Braids comes the next instalment How To Do Creative Braids 2 , where Sharon cranks up the ante with a whole new braiding collection of how to do more technical and…
6 videos
Fundamental Hairstyling - Pin Curling
This training video demonstrates volume, indentation, flat and reverse pin curling technique. It shows how a variety of pin curls can be incorporated with roller replacement to create a hairstyle.
Allergy Testing
This programme discusses and outlines all procedures for giving an allergy test to a client before a hair colouring service.
Fundamental Hairdressing Skills - Application and Removal of Colour
This programme looks at the application of temporary and semi-permanent colour and the removal of permanent hair colour.
Resistant White Hair
This programme discusses and demonstrates tinting white hair which contains pigment.
Haircutting - Short Graduation
This demonstration is versatile because it can be combined with layering or solid textures creating a variety of styles for clients. This demonstration is a medium length graduated cut using diagonal back line and medium projection.
Fundamental Hairstyling - Thermal Styling
This programme looks at thermal styling techniques.
Fundamental Hairdressing Skills - Shampooing
This programme looks at the shampooing service and what it involves.